May 5, 2009

Soul to Soul

Merry Christmas
by Drew Cosbie

On March 6th, 1971 a 14 hour soul fest went down in Accra, Ghana. The event featured prominent African-American and African artists. Ending at 6:45 am, I'm sure the concert was absolutely the rad, it featured Wilson Pickett as its most popular act, but also included Ike & Tina, The Staple Singers, and Santana. Despite failing to obtain a number of desired acts, from what my 40-minute live album conveys, it was off the hook:

Run Shaker Life - The Voices of East Harlem, Soul to Soul (1971)

My favorite thing Drew said about Ghana was there were no bullies in the elementary school. Plenty of children were rambunctious, but none of them were mean:

Heyjorler - Eddie Harris and Les McCann with Amoa, Soul to Soul (1971)

As part of the project, Roberta Flack was recorded (in mono) singing this traditional inside a slave castle:

Freedom Song - Roberta Flack, Soul to Soul (1971)


  1. voices of east harlem are that shit; freedom song is ill - only more so given the context.

    in a related note, have you seen this trailer for the movie Soul Power about the pre-Rumble in the Jungle concert in Zaire in 1974?


  2. great call Ben, I agree about freedom song, and i have to say that even though my copy is not near mint at all, it kind of improves the vibe.

    i'll post the trailer.

    thanks dawg.