May 20, 2009

How Bad for You?

I've realized that in the past few weeks I've been focusing a lot on work famed artists did that did not, in itself, lead to their fame. Here's another one.

First of all, James Brown is the right, and only, guy for this job:

Fight Against Drug Abuse (PSA) - James Brown, Funk Power 1970: Brand New Thang

Second of all, in 1979 he produced an album for one of his long time back up singers on Salsoul. I know that people often say that Salsoul is worth buying because they did interesting, often odd stuff, but I always get stuff that is way too heavy on the kind of disco that people wanted to die. Not this though, soul brother number one knows what he is doing in the production. This is the kind of music that was made for people to dance to. And not only to dance to, to really enjoy and get on down to:

Showdown - Martha High, Martha High (1979)

By that I mean, I can't wait to put it on and watch the Brown/High magic.

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