April 26, 2009

Some Quality Now FOUND Here

I've moved across the way to here.


I really just wanted to be able to include flash previews for you, and a blogroll, and archives, and I didn't want to wait for advice on how to do so at tumblr. So, old blog: still good. New blog: even better! I've moved the last three posts over so that you can not go there. But if you miss the yellow and baby baby blue, please feel free.

And, for a summer feel (it was 87 degrees today) here you go:

Fatback - Mongo Santamaria, Mongo Explodes (1964)

My only regret is the guy who comes in after the beautiful silked voice of the woman. I'll do something about that in my newest attempt at exploring some qualities of songs: Some Quality Follow Up Post Remixes/edits. Sometimes with rap.

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